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Guideline of Short Oral Presentation

2015.06.09. 10:10:51

Guideline of Short Oral Presentation

Notice for Short Oral Presentation


w All short oral presenters will be presenting both on Short Oral and Poster session, please be prepared for both of sessions.


w Due to the tight session schedule, all the presenters are asked to be punctual to the given presentation time.


w The official language is English, no other languages will be allowed for the presentation.

Short Oral Presentation


ž Any support materials should be in Microsoft PowerPoint or Portal Document Format (PDF) file type.


ž Each presenter has 5 minutes for the presentation.


ž You should arrive at Preview room (Jade Room) and submit the presentation materials an hour before the session begins due to very tight presentation schedule of short oral session. (If you have video or sound material, please inform secretariat until June 5)


Poster Presentation


Short Oral Presentation


ž The poster presentation date is same as your short oral presentation date, and poster session is the next session of short oral sessions.


ž Each poster should include the title (preferably at the top), as well as the names and affiliations of the authors


ž Posters must not exceed the following dimensions (A0 Size): 841mm (width) x 1189 mm (height)


Two poster sessions are scheduled on June 17 (Wed) and 18 (Thu), please check your poster schedule as well as installation schedule.


Poster Mounting

& Dismounting


The schedule of poster mounting and dismounting is as following;


Session Date




June 17 (Wed)
June 18 (Thu)





Your poster should be mounted on the day of your poster session, and should be dismounted after the poster session is finished.

*Please note that all posters that have not been removed by 20:00 on each day will be automatically taken down and discarded.



If you have any special presentation requests including using your own laptop or sound system, please inform to the Secretariat (info.coil6@gmail.com) by June 12 (Fri). 


Sincerely yours,

COIL-6 Secretariat


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