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Safe Venue for COIL-6 - MERS

2015.06.12. 12:11:55
Dear COIL-6 Participants,

We are ecstatic to see you all at COIL-6 next week.

As you may be aware, MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) has been causing some unrest 
here in South Korea. However, the international medical community assesses MERS to be 
no more than a strong flu virus at best. Currently, the most cases of infection occur within the hospitals 
that have treated the patients in last 3 weeks. Also, the severe cases happened only among the elderlies 
and patients with chronic conditions such as asthma or kidney malfunction without exception by now. 

Please find the notices about MERS below for your reference. 

CDC: “CDC does not recommend that Americans change their travel plans to the
Republic of Korea or other countries because of MERS.”


WHO: “Given the lack of evidence of sustained human-to-human transmission in
the community, WHO does not advise special procedures at points of entry, or
travel or trade restrictions with regard to this event.”


Most importantly, Jeju island, our venue for COIL-6 has no report of infection at all, 
and a strict quarantine has been in place at the airport to keep it that way.

It goes without saying that the organizers of COIL-6 are prepared to provide the utmost care and attention to the health and safety of all participants throughout your stay.

We look forward to seeing you next Tuesday at the Lotte Hotel in the beautiful island of Jeju.


Yoon-Mo Koo

Organizing Committee Chair
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